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MATH 1010 Essential Mathematics Testable Skills Spring 2014 Sect.Num Skill Related Problems 1C.1 Use set notation (braces) to write the members of sets. Recognize when a set has no members. 1C(29-36) 1C.2 Draw a Venn diagram with two circles showing the relationship between the two sets. 1C(37-44) 1C.3 Given a categorical proposition, state the subject and predicate sets and draw a Venn diagram for the proposition. Label all regions of the diagram clearly. 1C(45-52) 1C.4 Draw a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles for the three given sets. Label the contents of each region. Identify empty regions, if any. 1C(53-58) 1C.5 Use a given Venn diagram to answer questions in an applied problem. 1C(59-62) 1C.6 Draw a Venn diagram to represent the given situation in an applied problem and answer questions. 1C(63-66) 1C.7 Draw a Venn diagram from a Two-Way Table. 1C(67-72) 1C.8 Complete a Two-Way Table. 1C(77-80) 1C.9 Use Venn diagrams to organize propositions and information. 1C(81a-86) 1D.1 Identify if an argument is inductive or deductive. 1D(15-22) 1D.2 Evaluate an inductive argument. (Determine the truth of the premises, the strength of the argument and the truth of the conclusion.) 1D(23-28) 1D.3 Evaluate a deductive argument. (Draw a Venn diagram to determine whether the argument is valid. Determine the truth of the premises and state whether the argument is sound.) 1D(29-44) 2A.1 Identify the units for the given quantity. 2A(19-26) 2A.2 Carry out unit conversions. 2A(27-36) 2A.3 Perform area and volume calculations. 2A(37-38) 2A.4 Convert units with raised powers. 2A(39-46) 2A.5 Compute currency conversion. 2A(47-54) 2A.6 Use unit conversions to solve applied problems. 2A(55-68, 73-75) 2B.1 Review: Evaluate expressions using powers of ten. 2B(19-22) 2B.2 Perform conversions using the US Customary System. 2B(23-30) 2B.3 Perform US Customary System-Metric conversions. 2B(37-46) 2B.4 Perform Celsius-Fahrenheit and Celsius-Kelvin conversions. 2B(47-50) 2B.5 Calculate and compare densities. 2B(55-56) 2B.6 Use standardized units to solve applied problems. 2B(70-71, 85)
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201401_Skills Set - MATH 1010 Essential Mathematics...

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