297 neutronsbarn compare your result to the actual

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Unformatted text preview: 5.297 [neutrons.barn]. Compare your result to the actual critical mass of the Godiva Experiment composed of 93.9 percent enriched Uranium235 where M(critical)= 48.8 kgs. c) Calculate these values for a Pu239 spherical reactor with: microscopic transport cross section = 6.8 barns microscopic radiative capture cross section = 0.26 barns density = 19.74 [gm/cm3] average number of neutrons released per fission ν = 2.98 microscopic fission cross section = 1.85 barns Compare your result to the actual critical mass of the Jezebel Experiment composed of pure Pu239 where M(critical)= 20.53 kgs. 35 Apr. 26 May 3 Consider a reactor with a core in the form of a cube of side length a. 1. Solve the diffusion equation in the Cartesian coordinate system to determine the flux distribution in the x, y and z directions. 2. Determine the expression for the geometrical buckling for the cubical reactor. 3. Determine the expression for the critical side length, ignoring the extrapolation distance. 4. Determine the expression for the critical volume and the critical mass for a cube reactor. 5. Calculate and compare the critical masses for a fast U235 reactor, using the data from the previous problem, for the following geometries: a) Cubical core, b) Cylindrical core with a height to diameter ratio of unity: (H/2R) = 1, c) A spherical core. Assignments Policy Assignments will be turned in at the beginning of the class period, one week from the day they are assigned. The first five minutes of the class period will be devoted for turning in, and returning graded assignments. Late assignments will be assigned only a partial grade. Please try to submit them on time since once the assignments are graded and returned to the class, late assignments cannot be accepted any more. If you are having difficulties with an assignment, you are encouraged to seek help from the teaching assistants (TAs) during their office hours. Questions may be emailed to TA's, but face-toface interaction is more beneficial. Although you are encouraged to consult with each other if you are having difficulties, you are kindly expected to submit work that shows your individual effort. Please do not submit a copy of another person's work as your own. Copies of other people's assignments are not conducive to learning, and are unacceptable. For further information, please read the detailed assignments guidelines....
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