Consider that natural uranium has a content of 072

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Unformatted text preview: o his nuclear unit? Consider that natural uranium has a content of 0.72 percent of U235. Apr. 12 Construct a table comparing the technical specifications and operational charactyerictics of the following reactor concept: 1. PWR 2. BWR 3. HTGR 4. HWR Apr. 14 Write a one to two pages description of a reactor concept considered for: 1. Generation IV concepts. 2. Autonomous or Battery reactors. Cite your source and include a diagram of the system. Apr. 17 For 2,200 m/sec or thermal neutrons, calculate the following quantities: 1. Number densities, 2. Total macroscopic cross-sections, 3. Total mean free paths, In the following materials: 1. Uranium, 2. Beryllium, 3. Carbon in the form of graphite. (Note that diamonds is a form of carbon with a high density). 4. H2O, 5. D2O. You can mine for the densities and microscopic cross sections data on the web, or in the table of neutron cross-sections in the appendices to the web page. 29 Apr. 12 Apr. 19 An executive at an electrical utility company needs to order uranium fuel from a mine. The utility operates a single 1,000 MW(e) PWR power plant operating at an overall thermal efficiency of 33 percent. The fuel needs to be enriched to the 5 w/o in U235 level. The enrichment plant generates tailings at the 0.2 w/o in U235 level. What is the yearly amount of natural uranium that the executive has to contract with the mine as feed to his nuclear unit? 30 Apr. 14 Apr. 21 Compare the ratio and the difference in the separation radii in the electromagnetic separation method for the separation of the isotopes: a) U235 and U238, b) Li6 and Li7. 31 Apr. 17 Apr. 24 Prove the vector relationship: ∇.D∇φ = D∇2φ Apr. 26 Calculate the thickness of a shield made out of: a) Water. b) Graphite. that would attenuate a beam of neutrons by a factor of: a) One million times (10-6). b) One billion times (10-9). Apr. 28 Estimate the flux and current in vacuum for a square with a source S at each one of its corners and a side length of 100 cm, at its center and at the middle of its side Now estimate the flux and current for the same case in a diffusing medium with diffusion length L = 2.73 cm and diffusion coefficient D = 0.164 cm (H2O). May 1st You are given a bare spherical fast reactor of pure fissile material. a) By equating the geometrical buckling to the material buckling, derive expressions for: 1) The critical radius 2) The critical volume 3) The critical mass. b) Calculate these values for a U235 spherical reactor with: microscopic transport cross section = 8.246 [barns] 32 33 34 Apr. 19 Apr. 21 Apr. 24 microscopic absorption cross section = 2.844 [barns] density = 18.75 [gm/cm3] product of average number of neutrons released in fission(ν) and the microscopic fission cross section =...
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