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Vita Yegorova Friday, 1:30pm Philip Levchak A Struggle for Acceptance 1. Having a child with disabilities comes with a lifetime of decision making and requires extra care and attention. For Mary’s family, accepting the truth of Mary’s severe mental retardation was too much to handle, so they simply found other ways to deal with it. Even after many tests and evaluations of Mary’s behavior, the family still believed that Mary was competent. Her mother reported that “she puts on an act of being retarded in public while acting normally at home” (Pollner, McDonald-Wikler; p.243). Doctors examined the family, and diagnosed them as delusional. It is important to note that “the mother was disposed to delusions under stress. She was seen as the locus of the family delusion” (Pollner, McDonald- Wikler; p.243). Mothers are known to be the glue of the family, keeping everyone in line and supportive of one another, so it is easy to understand why the family was greatly affected by the mother’s way of coping with stress. Symbolic interactionists, those who study interactions between people and their interpretations of these interactions, would evaluate the way the mother acts with Mary and determine how the mother feels about her role in society. In our society, being a good mother means you have to watch your child grow, provide clothing and shelter, example good hygiene, hug and love them, etc. We expect our mothers to always be there for their children and allow no harm to come their way. Mary’s mother is in denial about the mental retardation of her daughter, so the way she cares for Mary is not the proper care that Mary deserves. Her mother treats her as if she was a normal girl, yet Mary suffers from a severe condition and needs to be in an environment where she receives proper teaching and developmental aid. Since Mary’s mother is in denial, the way she interprets others’ advice and Mary’s actions is
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soc essay - Vita Yegorova Friday 1:30pm Philip Levchak A...

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