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Unformatted text preview: Reference readings: (See details in the Intro Powerpoint.) Evaluation (See details in the Intro Powerpoint.) Mid-term test (15%) In-term mini-essays (20%) Soundtrack analysis (25%) Final take-home examination (25%) Attendance and participation (15%) Partial topics list - History (and pre-history) of sound design for film, television, video games and intermedia - Types of sound design: narrative, abstract/experimental, performance-oriented - Core components of the soundtrack: voice, sound effects, music FFAR 298H/2 (Fall 2013-14) - Preproduction, production and postproduction considerations • Production process distinctions between film, television and intermedia - Narrative considerations • Elements of storytelling • Narrative types • Narrative structures - Sound design considerations in narrative sound design • Diegetic and non-diegetic sound • Image-sound relationships • Functions of sound o Time & Place o Ac...
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