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Unformatted text preview: stance travelled by Rocket, its velocity and acceleration, forces acting on it. The parameters are: mass of the rocket, gravitational constant etc. It is dynamic as the velocity and forces vary with time. It is deterministic as the motion can be predicted by the laws of motion. World Population: One can consider a simple model where the object is ‘Population’ which is changing with time. Thus it is a dynamical model, where Population at any given time depends on the birth rate and death rate. To make it more detailed, one can consider the system to consist of populations in three different age groups – (i) Young and juvenile, (ii) Mature and child bearing, (iii) Old, who do not reproduce. Here we have to give relations between different groups. Their birth rates and death rates may also be different. Further, population can be taken to be continuously changing with time and age. One can also incorporate ‘gestation period’ – these factors will make the model more detailed. Also, time can be taken as continuous or discrete. Component Reliability: Here a control element is essential for the working of a machine. The machine stops operation as soon as the element (component) fails. The problem is how many spare parts should be there so as to keep the machine working for certain time period (T, say). Here the system can be just the control element with machine in the environment. This can be taken as a Black Box approach. As the life time of the element is random, it becomes a stochastic problem. It is dynamic as time is involved. There are two time scales, one is of course life time of...
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