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Unformatted text preview: ight lifted by an individual mostly depends on the body weight of the lifter and other factors like location of the completion, climate conditions, and spectators do not significantly affect the performances. Thus, we can consider the system to consist of two objects – weight to be lifted and the competitors, with no environment (why!). So the system is closed. Here time does not play any role on the performance, thus it is a static system. Further, the performance a lifter can be predicted with a fair degree, so it is taken as deterministic system. 2. Alloy Selection: The Company is interested to manufacture an alloy with the least thermal coefficient. For this, ores can be obtained from 4 mines and there two different processes available to produce the alloy. Company has to choose a proper combination of the method and mine to get alloy of desired characteristic. Note that if the samples from each combination do not differ from each other, then any combination can be selected, or if there is a significant difference in various combinations, again the selection is easy (why?). The problem is that various samples 3. 4. 5. 6. for each combination show variations – then what to do? This could be due the geographical conditions at the mine or due to uncontrollable factors in the process. Here the system consists of objects – ‘Method’, ‘Mine’ (from where ore is taken) and ‘Alloy’. It is stochastic as randomness is involved due to unknown factors. The system is static. Is it open or closed? What are the variables of the system? Also give the relationship between different objects. Rocket Launch Problem: The problem is to find the thrust so as to launch the rocket in an orbit at a given height. The motion of the rocket is influenced by the thrust generated and the forces acting on it. The system consists of Rocket and earth. The effect of other celestial bodies on the motion is neglected. Air (which resists the motion) is taken to be in environment. So it is Open system. The variables are ‐ di...
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