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Unformatted text preview: st of validation it is called an adequate model and process comes to an end. Otherwise, i.e. if the model does not pass the validation criterion, one needs to back track and make changes either in the description of the system (Step 2) or in the mathematical formulation itself (Step 3), and the process starts from there again. Pitfalls of Modelling In the end, there is a word of caution. It should be noted that mathematical model is only a ‘model’ and not the real world problem by itself. There could be pitfalls in the mathematical model and this could be because one can make mistake at any of the above steps mentioned above. Therefore, care should be taken in using the results of the mathematical model. Simplifications Real World Problem Real World Model Mathematical Formulation Test Mathematical Model Prediction and Validation Analysis & Interpretations Fig. 1 ‐ Schematic diagram of modelling process Note that constructing a model requires: A clear picture of the goal of the modeling exercise. Exa...
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