Also in the process of modelling

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Unformatted text preview: if we have a mathematical model which accurately reflects some behaviour of a real‐world system of interest, we can often gain improved understanding of that system through analysis of the model, e.g., blood flow in arteries or spread of an epidemic. Also, in the process of modelling, we may find out which factors are most important in the system, and how different parts of the system are related. While designing a complicated equipment we may need to understand mechanism involved – we need to understand lubrication mechanism of synovial joint before designing an artificial joint. To predict or simulate. Very often we wish to know what a real world system will do in the future, but it is expensive, impractical, or impossible to experiment directly with the system. Examples include nuclear reactor design, space flight, extinction of species, weather prediction and so on. To optimise some performance – profit of a company To obtain response behaviour of a systems – to control an epidemic...
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