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Unformatted text preview: ck in terms of the physical features of the problem to yield the behaviour of the mathematical model. The behaviour of mathematical model is then compared with that of their given problem in terms of the data of real world to determine whether the two are in reasonable agreement or not according to same predefined criterion. This is called validation. It may be pointed out here that the criterion for validation should be chosen with care. If the criterion is too stringent (i.e. it requires a very good agreement between the model behaviour and the physical world) then the resulting model will be very complex. If a less stringent model would lead to a model based on coarser system description. In general, one starts with a fairly stringent criterion and simple system characterization and mathematical formulation. Based on the degree of disagreement, either the criterion may be weakened or model be made more complex so that better agreement is achieved. Step 6 (Adequate Model): If the model passes the te...
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