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Unformatted text preview: l? Find? List the data from real world or what more you need to know? Given? What is given – list it. Assume? What assumptions can be made from the observations? How? How is the system governed by physical principles? Predict? The formulation and solve Valid? Interpret the solution and validate with real world. Verify? Test to verify – is the model adequate? If not – Improve. It may be noted that good models already exist for parts of the system. The goal is then to assemble these “sub‐ models" to represent the whole system of interest. Good models already exist for a different system, which can be translated or modified to apply to the system of interest. This is due to one of the greatest virtues of mathematics i.e. its generality. A general model exists which includes the system of interest as a special case, but it is very difficult to compute with or analyze the general model. The goal is then to simplify or make approximations to the general model which will still reflect the behavior of the particular system of interest. Fall of a ra...
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