These symbols have well defined meaning and

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Unformatted text preview: (c) Conceptual Model – in terms of concepts or verbal representation (d) Symbolic Model – represented in terms of certain symbols, which correspond to physical features of the system. These symbols have well defined meaning and follow certain set rules. As a model is a representation of real world situation it contains less information than the real system itself. It contains only those features which are relevant from the point of view of the goal of the study. Mathematical Models are symbolic models, where the symbols are mathematical symbols/ concepts. Roughly defined, mathematical modelling is the process of constructing/ building mathematical objects (such as system of equations, a stochastic process, a geometric or algebraic structure, an algorithm or numbers) whose properties correspond in some way to a particular real‐world system. Why Mathematical models? There are of course many specific reasons, but most can be related in some way to the following: To gain understanding. Generally speaking,...
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