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Unformatted text preview: ion is related to a mathematical formulation, which produces a mathematical model. It involves two stages, firstly selection of a suitable mathematical formulation, and then the variables of the selected formulation are related on one to one basis with the relevant features of the system. The abstract formulation is ‘clothed’ in terms of physical features to give mathematical model. This step requires a strong interaction between the physical features of the system and the abstract mathematical formulation. Step 4 (Analysis): Once mathematical model is obtained, its relationship with the physical world are temporarily discarded and the mathematical formulation is solved/analysed using mathematical tools. This is done purely according to the rules of mathematics. ‐ At this step, one needs to assign numerical values to various parameters of the model to obtain the model behaviour. This is done by ‘parameter estimation’ using given data. Step 5 (Validation): In this step, the formulation is interpreted ba...
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