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WR Calender 2 8 - Edwin (Ned) Martin, Instructor W.R.Harper...

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Edwin (Ned) Martin, Instructor 773 545-0143 W.R.Harper College, Spring Term, 2007 nedmartin@ameritech.net World Religions Phil 205-003, Rm. L220, 800-9:15am COURSE OBJECTIVES : 1. For students to learn: a. the basic facts of the originating cultures; major figures; historical development of doctrine and polity and scriptures; geographic spread and contraction; and modern cultural milieux of the world’s major religions and types of religion. b. the basic narratives and doctrinal formulas, the forms of the rituals and other practical expressions, and the social institutions and norms associated with these religions. 2. For students to further develop those sensibilities: a. which allow entry into the inner heart of the outward history, forms, and teachings of a religion; and to apprehend something of the profound sameness and of the shocking otherness of the various religions. b. which allow for finding the connection between the inward and the outward, the same and the different, particularly in the response to and the interpretation of sacred texts. 3. For this course to prove to be not only a means to these ends, and to the even more practical ends of the students and instructor, but also an end in itself a social and intellectual pleasure in so far as possible. TEXTS : Malloy, Michael; Experiencing the World’s Religions , Mc Graw Hill; 3 rd edition, 2005 Kramer, Kenneth; World Scriptures Paulist Press; 1986 COURSE REQUIREMENTS : The first of the course objectives will be met principally by students reading on their own. Lectures will not usually repeat historical facts and sequences, but will concentrate on meeting the second objective through discussion, lecture on key ideas, visual aids, and experiential exercises. Reading assignments are listed on the attached calendar. Learning will be tested by by midterm and final exams. Study guides listing needed vocabulary, names, etc. will be supplied. Grades will be weighted as follows: Class Participation ................................................................. for 20% You may have two unexcused absences in class. After that your class participation grade will proceed downward by two thirds of a grade from a B+ for every absence. (For example if you miss four classes, the first two misses do not hurt you, but you will go from a B+ to a B- for the sthird miss, and then to a
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WR Calender 2 8 - Edwin (Ned) Martin, Instructor W.R.Harper...

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