What Britain forgets_ Romania is booming _ The Economist

And they are indeed but s o are the pric es the s

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Unformatted text preview: quot; wes t is bes t" mentality . They think it's all milk and honey out there and the s alaries are higher. And they are, indeed, but s o are the pric es , the s ervic es and the tax es . So their life it's pretty muc h the s ame, the only thing c hanged is the " wes tern environment". I'd never leave my c ountry for good, I'm better off here. Rec ommend 0 Repor t Per malink Reply J. Doria n Dec 26th 2013, 06:03 I'm als o an IT engineer living and work ing in Stoc k holm. I get daily e-mails and c alls , and I really mean daily , from UK rec ruiters wanting me to move all over Britain, us ually in London. I alway s s ay no and s ome of them tell me that I s hould tak e my res ume "offline" if I don't want a job. The nerve! I s imply tell them that I'm Romanian and I'd c ut my fingers off rather than moving to the UK. I've been to London. It's not Britis h and it is definitely not s afe. I had my phone and laptop s tolen in under two day s and numerous friends of mine got mugged als o. Some als o got s tabbed, although happily s urvived. Rec ommend 7 Repor t Per malink Reply ye girish Dec 24th 2013, 21:45 As a Canadian who was rec ently traveling through England, I was quite s urpris ed how muc h antipathy the loc als s eemed to have for the immigrants , both South As ian and Eas tern European. This felt quite unus ual for me, as I find that not only is it c ons idered very s oc ially inappropriate in Canada to c omplain about immigrants , but that the different groups tend to get along quite well. I work at a s mall indus trial c ompany with 50+ people, many of them firs t or s ec ond generation immigrants , inc luding our ex c ellent Romanian engineering tec h. So, if Mr. Ilie does n't feel welc ome in Britain, tell him that he's more than welc ome in Canada. Rec ommend 12 Repor t Per malink Reply Fe lipe Coe lho Dec 24th 2013, 18:08 Freedom of movement is es s ential for the European Union projec t and is mainly c ritic iz ed by thos e who wis h the UK to leave the Union. Any rational reas onings lik e "Thos e Rom...
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