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Do y ou think it will be different for us freedom of

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Unformatted text preview: of movement within the EU for their own Citiz ens while at the s ame time being able to dec ide who they do not want. Do y ou think it will be different for us ? . Freedom of movement as it ex is ts in the EU is great. It gives me, and indeed, y ou and any other Britis h c itiz en the freedom to live in any EU c ountry . If y ou c an think of s ome way of s topping people from poor EU c ountries c oming to the UK, without mes s ing up this right for me, I won’t mind muc h (not that highly princ ipled). But remember, we c an have a referendum in the UK, and we c an mak e more res tric tive immigration laws , but we c an’t tell other c ountries what to do, and probably they will not go along with our plans . . W hat happens if freedom of movement is los t? People with a lot of as s ets , or s k ills to get well paid jobs , will s till have the opportunity to live in other EU c ountries , albeit with c ons iderably more diffic ulty (and provided they are not too old). People who have few s k ills will have little c hanc e. The people y ou s ay y ou are mos t c onc erned about would fac e the mos t los s of freedom. Rec ommend 5 Repor t Per malink Reply Ulysse s_e rra ndus in reply to brianandrew s tuart Dec 23rd 2013, 11:53 The Englis h invented the free mark et and pus h it to the res t of the world, s ometimes with the c annons (s ee the opium wars , the ruthles s des truc tion of Indian tex tile manufac turing) and s uddenly the Britis h middle c las s dis c overs that free mark et does not mean only big money c oming out of s pec ulations (s windles ) in the City of London. The Brits want all the benefits of the free mark ets (es pec ially the free movement of goods and c apital) without any potential dis advantages , partic ularly the free movement of people. W ith other words we, the Britis h, s hould be able to freely dump our goods to Romania, Bulgaria and, why not, Uk raine, (inc luding s ome old Britis h Navy frigates , deal fac ilitated through c orruptions on both s ides ) and, at the s ame time, be able to remain protec tionis t in our s mall is land fortres s . Our middle...
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