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Go and mak e a life of y ours elf where there pay the

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Unformatted text preview: elf or y our c ountry from others does not have to be y our reality . You are from Romania, but more importantly y ou are an individual. Go and mak e a life of y ours elf where there pay the mos t for y our talents . Don't let the pres s , or few ignorant people's opinions impac t y our dec is ion-mak ing in life. Rec ommend Repor t 10 Per malink Reply gue st-sjnnsns Dec 21s t 2013, 18:51 Britis h people are s c ared of Roma migrants not Romanians . Generally Roma from other Eas tern European EU s tates have been a pain in the ars e. EU members hip has been the perfec t opportunity for c ertain s tates to ex port their s oc ial problems . Rec ommend Repor t 13 Per malink Reply gue st-sjnoiw i Dec 21s t 2013, 08:31 I beg to dis agree. I don't k now about Buc hares t and Manc hes ter. However, ac c ording to the 2012 IMF GDP (adjus ted for PPP, Purc has ing Power Parity ) per c apita s tatis tic s , the figure for Britain is $36,569, for Bulgaria it is $14,103, and for Romania $12,722. (http://en.wik ipedia.org/wik i/Lis t_of_c ountries _by _GDP_% 28PPP% 29_per_c apita) As y ou c an s ee, the differenc e in living s tandards between the UK ,on the one hand, and Bulgaria and Romania, on the other, is huge. Bulgaria and Romania are very poor c ountries . So Britis h people are jus tifiably worried about immigration; and y our Prime Minis ter is not as s tupid as y ou portray him. I ex pec ted a more thorough analy s is from a world renowned web s ite lik e y ours . Rec ommend 9 Repor t Per malink Reply Tudor Avra m in reply to gues t-s jnoiw i Dec 21s t 2013, 09:31 W ell I beg to dis agree with y our s tatement. I would lik e to rais e 5 points . 1. Pleas e refrain from bringing wik ipedia entries as proof. They are as muc h s o as a quote on a ts hirt. Come bac k with ac tual IMF report or not at all. 2. Cons idering y our numbers , ajus t the ratio to loc al pric es and y ou will only get true figures at that point. Ex . 1 loaf of bread: UK - 1-1.2 GBP (Tes c o) , Romania 0.2-0.3 GBP (any s hop) - and y ou have a s imilar pric e ratio for almos t all produc ts . W hen tak ing t...
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