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Hones tly s inc e i arrived in the uk 5 y ears ago i

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Unformatted text preview: have a c hanc e to have their voic e heard? Or is it not as interes ting as the uns k illed work er with a grudge? Hones tly , s inc e I arrived in the UK 5 y ears ago, I did have a tendenc y to c ollaborate with and be s urrounded by middle-c las s people and bus ines s men and I did not fac e any is s ues regarding my nationality or plac e of birth. I have alway s been evaluated and c ons idered for my pers onal and profes s ional abilities and qualities . In fac t, on c ountles s oc c as ions , any mis tak es I had made were only viewed as being part of my learning proc es s to get pas t the language and c ultural barrier and I have not been held ac c ountable for minor dis c retions in all this time; thes e mis tak es were rather tak en with k indnes s and amus ement on both s ides . This is , in my opinion, a true tes tament to Britain's ex traordinary c apac ity to deal with multic ulturalis m when k eeping an open mind. Do not get me wrong. No Romanian is c oming to this c ountry think ing he is or will bec ome one of y ou in the ey es of y our Government. W e are all proud of our heritage and would not give it up for the world. The only thing we do as k is to be treated with res pec t, dec enc y and not lik e a s ec ond c las s c itiz en. Show that, k eep an open mind and k now that y ou are mak ing c ontac t with a whole new c ulture and y ou will s ee how eas y it is to win our hearts , our loy alty and our friends hip. I do unders tand why s ome Britis h people might have c ertain feelings agains t us . The world is s till pretty s hook up by the ec onomic is s ues we have been dealing with rec ently and the UK had s ome unpleas ant ex perienc es with immigration in the pas t. I do unders tand their des ire of being c autious and their hes itanc e towards Romanians , but they s hould s till remember that generaliz ation is dangerous . W ere all football fans a danger to s oc iety a few y ears bac k ? W ere all the ones with s haved heads part of the "s k inheads "? W ere all Germans Naz is ? Are all Americ ans fat? Of c ours e not. W hic h is why I would s ugges t for both s...
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