What Britain forgets_ Romania is booming _ The Economist

I am a 26 y ear old rom anian it engineer whos doing

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Unformatted text preview: of IT engineers whic h (ac c ording to one internet entrepreneur) will "s haft" its ec onom y. I am a 26 y ear old Rom anian IT engineer, who's doing quite dec ent in Buc hares t, Rom ania. Th e De tr o it au to sh o w: Enter the lightweights Sc humpeter - Jan 12th, 14:34 Ho u sin g b e n e fit: When is a cut not a cut? When it is a political gesture Blighty - Jan 12th, 12:33 As m any other fellow y oung Rom anians , I'm look ing to em igrate by the tim e I reac h 30, for a better life and better opportunities . Britain am ong Spain and Italy are the c ountries that I will nev er c ons ider em igrating to, des pite the offers and s alaries . The general (m is guided) opinion about Rom anians in thes e c ountries m ak es m e s ic k to m y s tom ac h. I would nev er ev er want to liv e in a c ountry that abus es m e bec aus e its c itizens c an't tell the differenc e between gy ps ies and Rom anians . JPM o r g an Ch ase an d th e M ad o ff case : Know your customer, or else… Sc humpeter - Jan 11th, 16:38 Ar ie l Sh ar o n : F arewell to the Bulldozer Pomegr anate - Jan 11th, 13:04 So to all the Britons who are afraid that an 'av alanc he' of Rom anians will im m igrate from J anuary , I s ay , relax . There are tons of people who s hare the s am e opinion as m e. The num ber of im m igrants will not be that high, s o y ou don't need to worry y ours elf that m uc h. Stay c las s y , Britain! - Alin Ilie Jih ad ists in Syr ia an d Ir aq : A step too fa r ? Pomegr anate - Jan 10th, 21:54 Re lig io n o n camp u s: Schooling, sex and Previous Celebrating small business: Independence day segregation Next Er as mus - Jan 10th, 21:24 Remembering Ronnie Biggs: Death of a robber So cial n e two r ks: Your number's up Babbage - Jan 10th, 18:15 Rec ommend 267 Lik e Tw e e t 207 Shar e 252 More from our blogs » Add y our c omment 9.7k Most popular 89 View all c omments (261) Recommended Commented M o r e fr o m Th e Eco n o mist 1 Je w ishne ss W ho is a Jew? 2 Th e Eco n o mist e xp lain s: Why is renewable energy so… Th e Eco n...
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