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I think that this c onc ern is a little bit overdue

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Unformatted text preview: c las s friend is worried about the impac t of free movement of people on the wages of the Britis h work ing c las s . I think that this c onc ern is a little bit overdue, he s hould have s tarted to protes t when Margaret Thatc her des troy ed the unions and c ommenc ed dis mantling the Britis h manufac turing. The bigges t des troy ers of work ing c las s jobs and wages in Britain are the Britis h entrepreneurs and their c ronies from the Parliament. Ex porting jobs to Vietnam or China is a lot more damaging than having a Romanian or Bulgarian c leaning the s treet of Manc hes ter. Importing c ons umer goods from China is equally des truc tive. Both thes e things are done by Britis h entrepreneurs , inc luding the onc e famous s ir James Dy s on. Rec ommend Repor t 12 Per malink Reply Ex pand 1 mor e r eply bria na ndre w stua rt Dec 21s t 2013, 00:51 Romany people are c itiz ens of Romania too ! If non romany romanians c ontinue to dis c riminate agains t romanies then it is poetic jus tic e that the Britis h fail to dis tinguis h the 2 groups . Rec ommend Repor t 11 Per malink Reply Yorkshire -m a n Dec 20th 2013, 15:25 'I would never ever want to live in a c ountry that abus es me bec aus e its c itiz ens c an't tell the differenc e between gy ps ies and Romanians .' Is the s ugges tion here that it is OK to abus e Gy ps ies but not Romanians ? Or the other way round? W hy is this dubious c omment inc orporated with apparent approval into the main artic le? Rec ommend Repor t 13 Per malink Reply MT89 in reply to Y orks hire-man Dec 20th 2013, 16:28 I think y ou're mis s ing the point of the quote y ou pos ted. You'll unders tand what he means when y ou'll watc h TV in the evening and s ee a BBC artic le about y our c ountry s howing images and tak ing interviews from the wors t pos s ible gips y village. It's not jus t about abus e, it's about having y our image & reputation as a c ountry s hattered for reas ons whic h have very little to do with the vas t majority of the population. Cons idering the wave of gips y migration to s outhern europe whic h s tarted in 2007, imagine that in 70-80 y ears Italians for ex ample c...
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