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In ec onomic terms germany is more atrac tive and has

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Unformatted text preview: anians who wis h to move will feel muc h more at home in any neolatin-s peak ing c ountry , s uc h as Franc e or Italy . In ec onomic terms Germany is more atrac tive and has his toric al link s with the Balk ans . There are not that muc h Romanians and Bulgarians , and they are Chris tians ." fails to touc h the underly ing anti-EU feeling. It is lik e in Latin Americ a. All our c ountries have many problems of our own doing but it is eas ier to c ritic iz e Spain and Portugal, the former c olonial powers ; XIX c entury Britain and XX and XXI c enturies USA. The polic ies followed by our leaders , elec ted or not, are blameles s ... Porfirio Diaz , a Mex ic an dic tator, is reported s ay ing "Poor Mex ic o, s o far from God, s o near the USA." A Cons ervative anti-EU leader c ould s ay "Poor United Kingdom, s o far from God, s o near the European c ontinent." In both c as es it is a helples s s ituation, as Geography is a fac t. Perhaps mos t of the European nations will mak e s imilar c omplaints agains t their neighbors - Poland nationalis ts do not lik e being s o near Rus s ia and Germany , for ins tanc e - and to defus e s uc h s entiments is the main reas on for the EU to ex is t. Bes t regards from Rio de Janeiro Rec ommend 4 Repor t Per malink Reply gue st-ljw w njn Dec 23rd 2013, 22:00 "...the average Buc hares t res ident is c omfortably better off than the average res ident of Manc hes ter" really ? c 'mon The Ec onomis t... at leas t try to s ee bey ond the (in)famous 1% Rec ommend 6 Repor t Per malink Reply ce FtpETMw W Dec 22nd 2013, 20:04 My ac c ountant is from Romania. She s tudied ac c ountanc y at Univers ity in Timis oara and was work ing in a c offee s hop when I mentioned I needed a book -k eeper. One thing led to another and 6 y ears on, having paid her night s c hool fees , s he is about to qualify as a UK ac c ountant. She is hones t as the day is long and tremendous ly c ommitted and loy al work er. I attended her wedding 3 y ears ago in a s mall...
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