What Britain forgets_ Romania is booming _ The Economist

News artic les will s how c aravans travelling on

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Unformatted text preview: ould be s een by c itiz ens of other c ountries as a nation of gy ps ies who inc reas e c rime rates . News artic les will s how c aravans travelling on highway s and ignorant people will abus e Italians . To a c ertain ex tent, the s ame happens with Romanians now. It's jus t des pic able. Rec ommend 13 Repor t Per malink Reply Ca ta linU in reply to Y orks hire-man Dec 20th 2013, 20:11 Prec is ely . Alin Ilie's c omment is abs olutely des pic able. Sadly , the tox ic idea it ex pres s es is prac tic ally ubiquitous among Romanians : that rac is m agains t Romanians is n't *wrong*, it's s imply mis direc ted - rac is m agains t the Roma would be very muc h right and proper. On oc c as ion I've heard Romanians ac tually advoc ating banning the Roma from leaving the c ountry , in order not to s poil our European image. The irony was los t on them, naturally . Any way , the Ec onomis t: remove that fuc k ing c omment ASAP. Rec ommend 10 Repor t Per malink Reply Ex pand 6 mor e r eplies O.I. Dec 20th 2013, 13:35 I agree with the c omment of Alin Ilie. I s tudied c hemic al and bioc hemic al engineering in Buc hares t, then I emigrated in The Netherlands where I s pec ializ ed in bio-proc es s des ign and got my PhD on mathematic al modelling of biofilms . I would als o never-ever c ons ider a job offer in the UK, Spain or Italy bec aus e of the general hateful attitude towards Romanians in thes e c ountries . A good friend of mine who ac tivates in the nuc lear energy field (with a PhD obtained at Franc e's top ins titute for atomic energy ) is als o s haring this attitude and dec lared in c ountles s oc c as ions that he would never c ome to work in the UK for the s ame reas on. My point is , that with their hateful hy s teria direc ted at Romanians , the Britis h people are only filtering away thos e Romanians that c an bring ex tra-value to their ec onomy and who are profes s ionally s trong enough to go and work wherever they c hoos e to. I mean s ure, if I would c ome to UK I am c onvinc ed that in the ac ademic environment or in other intellec tual c irc les I would not find this x enophobic attitude but then again, I c annot live only in this bubble, I als o need to interac t with the adminis tration, s hop in the s upermark et, my k ids will open the t...
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