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Rec ommend repor t 28 per malink reply bria na ndre w

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Unformatted text preview: ides to get to k now eac h other on a pers onal level, through open-mindednes s rather than s tatis tic s , before judging. Rec ommend Repor t 28 Per malink Reply bria na ndre w stua rt Dec 21s t 2013, 01:03 it is s hameful that the ec onomis t has printed this artic le - both intellec tually and for it's rac is t las t paragraph. EU freedom of movement of labour s erves only a tiny politic al elite in Britain. For the vas t majority of Britis h people the EU jus t means people c oming into Britain to tak e uns k illed or s emi s k illed jobs - jobs that there are enough unemploy ed Britis h people to do. Thes e jobs would be done if there were no EU migrants bec aus e the wages would ris e to attrac t Britis h people. If there are no people wanting to s weep the s treets for 6.30 then the c ounc il will have to (rightly ) pay s ome more money . I will gladly s weep the s treets for £10 an hour - but not for £6.30. So the EU projec t has s c rewed the work ing c las s in Britain - lowering their wages , inc reas ing unemploy ment, dec reas ing the available affordable hous ing s toc k , inc reas ing alienation in c ities etc . W hy does n't Labour - who repres ent the work ing c las s es - s tic k up for them. As a middle c las s non white I think it is s hameful the way that the 3 main politic al c las s es have abandoned the work ing c las s es . They s hould have s ought to negotiate a free trade area with the EU (lik e Switz erland) and got out of the EU. But I think it is true to s ay that the vas t majority of people s heepis hly follow what the politic al elite tell them bec aus e they aren't c apable of arguing agains t the s tatus quo - they put up with the heat within bec aus e they fear a fire outs ide - bec aus e politic ians tell them that leaving the EU will impoveris h us . Rec ommend Repor t 10 Per malink Reply a Little Tim e ToSpa re in reply to brianandrew s tuart Dec 22nd 2013, 15:28 I’m wondering why y ou lik e the Swis s arrangement. Romanians and Bulgarians will be able to s ettle in Switz erland jus t the s ame as in the UK. The Swis s were not allowed to have freedom...
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