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So for all thes e highly s k illed profes s ionals in

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Unformatted text preview: k going to jail in the UK (or jus t get deported) for s tealing a wallet that c ontains 100 Pounds . So, for all thes e “highly s k illed profes s ionals ” in c ategory 2, the dec is ion tak en in 2007 was a bles s ing. It inc reas ed their produc tivity . Capitalis m 101. So dear UK, s orry to s ay that, but y ou had the opportunity to meet mainly the s c um of Romania during the las t 7 y ears ... I c an unders tand y our frus tration, but c an y ou unders tand mine? My frus tration is bas ed on the the c urious c onc lus ion I s aw in the britis h news papers End of 2013. It was pres ented s omething lik e this : “Be prepared: The Romanians will s torm the UK”. W ow... s ounds lik e a military attac k on the britis h ec onomy . But is it really s o bad? For the las t 7 y ears I watc hed on TV romanian beggars and thiefs performing at high s tandards in the UK. But I was not allowed to work in the UK without a permit. It did not matter what I have s tudied, it did not matter if I was fluent in Englis h or not, or what I had in mind.... (may be I jus t wanted to gain s ome W es tern European work ex perienc e – to learn from the bes t - and then head bac k to my home c ountry to c ontinue my c arrier). No, I s till needed a work permit. So let me unders tand. The brits indulged 7 y ears of abus e (thievery , robbery , etc )... and now, after 7 y ears , when I am beeing ac k nowledged as a European Citiz en, y ou are afraid of... me? PS - No, Romania is not booming, it is s lowly improving... it's hard to improve quic k ly while partially being in is olation. Rec ommend 2 Repor t Per malink Reply gue st-ioonnle Dec 30th 2013, 21:57 Ok , s o if Romania is booming, why do s o many Romaninans want to emigrate? This artic le is (nominally at leas t) c ontradic tory . Rec ommend Repor t 2 Per malink Reply Be a trice V. in reply to gues t-ioonnle Jan 7th, 02:26 Though it's quite too late, i'll give y ou an ans wer ( my opinion only ). It's bec aus e us ually , eas terneuropeans have that &...
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