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So no thank y ou dear britain id rather s k ip any

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Unformatted text preview: v and news papers and would s tart feeling as hamed of me and of their Romanian heritage. So, no thank y ou dear Britain, I'd rather s k ip any job offer y ou might have for me! Greetings from far away , O.I. Rec ommend 17 Repor t Per malink Reply um ghhh Dec 20th 2013, 10:40 So c itiz ens of Buc hares t are (in terms of per c apita inc ome) better off than thos e of Manc hes ter and that is an argument for what? Have y ou ever c ompared the s ame attribute for W ars aw and Manc hes ter or for that Matter with London? I do ex pec t a bit better from TE that half ars ed gues s es and hopes that are s uppos e to c ontradic t 'analy s is ' of 'free' Britis h pres s . There is no point of dis c us s ing with them any way as they already 'k now' and bec aus e of s oc ial and ec onomic dy namic s they are hell bent on 'proving' that c ollaps e is imminent. There are plac es where the pres s is s till doing its job but the tabloid s ec tor of es pec ially Britis h pres s is not one of them. Rec ommend 5 Repor t Per malink Reply na nsta llon Dec 20th 2013, 00:25 Let's hope that Romanians don't mind being inundated with Brits look ing for work there in y ears to c ome. Rec ommend 12 Repor t Per malink Reply AM_MTL Dec 20th 2013, 00:21 Touc hé! As a Romanian living in Canada, I mus t s adly agree with y ou. Romania is booming, at leas t when analy z ed from abroad, however Romanian firms do not offer the s ame benefits Britis h firms do. Inequality amongs t s oc ial c las s es is very s teep whic h is why immigration is the popular s olution. Some day , hopefully , thes e problems will be s olved and W es tern Europeans will s top whining about Romanian immigrants . This being s aid, they are not the wors t group of immigrants in Britain. Rec ommend 13 Repor t Per malink Reply 1 2 3 4 5 nex t › las t »...
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