What Britain forgets_ Romania is booming _ The Economist

The artic le als o notes that london as europes

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Unformatted text preview: e purpos es of Rom ania’s trade s tatis tic s ) c ounts as Dutc h. The artic le als o notes that London, as Europe’s leading financ ial c entre, has benefited from Rom ania's ec onom ic em ergenc e. Two of its m ajor c om panies —A&D Pharm a and ROMGAZ—have lis ted in Britain’s c apital in rec ent years , generating m illions in fees for the Re c e nt A c tiv ity T he v e r y r o ugh guide to Da nis h 5,024 pe ople re comme nd this. Go o d b y e E u r o p e 1,117 pe ople re comme nd this. T he c o s t d e l s o l 980 pe ople re comme nd this. London-bas ed banks , lawyers and c ons ultants that they hired. Gr e e c e in the Ca r ibbe a n 5,197 pe ople re comme nd this. This highlights another ripos te to the tabloids and governm ent m inis ters . Not only do Gr o wth a nd o the r go o d things 815 pe ople re comme nd this. m igrants work hard and boos t the Britain’s ec onom y. Not only does Rom ania’s EU m em bers hip give Britis h c om panies a free run at the c ountry’s ec onom ic boom . But Rom anians in Britain c reate links with their hom e c ountry, linking together the two pos itive F a c e bo o k s o c i a l pl ugi n trends . Few Britons s peak Rom anian (prec ious few even s peak Germ an) and few unders tand how that c ountry works . That m ight ac t as a brake on Britain's ec onom ic links Follow Th e Economist with this boom ec onom y, were it not for Rom anians in London, Manc hes ter, Birm ingham and els ewhere who c an open new c hannels of c om m unic ation and trade. For Britain, whic h as pires to export 60% m ore to Rom ania by 2017, that c an only be a good thing. Britis h politic ians who fret about s purious im m igration projec tions while c ham pioning their c ountry's plac e in a "global rac e" s hould take note. Latest blog posts - A l l ti m es a r e GMT Update (De ce mbe r 18th) From the c om m ents s ec tion: another reas on why Britis h politic ians s hould s top fearm ongering. Cons ider that the num ber of Britis h pupils s tudying c om puter s c ienc e or IT to ALevel has dropped by 35% s inc e 2008—and that Britain has a c hronic s hortage...
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