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You as k ed me to c ome bac k with the ac tual imf

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Unformatted text preview: ly , y ou did not c hec k my link to W ik ipedia, bec aus e it quotes IMF figures for 2012 (the lates t y ear). You as k ed me to c ome bac k with the ac tual IMF report. Here it is : http://www.imf.org/ex ternal/pubs /ft/weo/2013/02/weodata/weorept.as px ?s y = ... 2. PPP (Purc has ing Power Parity ) figures are already adjus ted for loc al pric e differenc es . 3. Romanians are not prone to borrowing for c ons umer goods . Good idea. W hy not abolis h bank ing? 4. Good idea too. May be I s hould go to live on $0.00 inc ome in a Romanian village. 5. No c omment. This is an ec onomic dis c us s ion. By the way , why c ompare Buc hares t with Manc hes ter? It is lik e c omparing apples and oranges . As far as I k now, the c apital of Britain is not Manc hes ter, but London. Finally , I hope all offic ial s tatis tic s are wrong, I am wrong too, and y ou are right. I wis h the Britis h people good luc k with immigration. Rec ommend 8 Repor t Per malink Reply Ex pand 2 mor e r eplies Tudor Avra m Dec 21s t 2013, 04:23 Firs t of all I'd lik e to thank the author and the Ec onomis t for one of the few pos itive artic les for Romanians on the matter. Having s aid that, I would have to mention that I am quite s urpris ed to s ee another artic le lik e this . W hen I s aw one being written by y our public ation I ex pec ted an artic le more to do more with bus ines s and the middle c las s . The reas on I made the s tatement above is that I, as a Romanian national, c ame to the UK in 2008 as a s tudent and I find this whole "s c andal" as being not only a was te of time for every one involved but als o that every one is mak ing way too muc h fus s for an irrelevant s ubjec t. I have met c ountles s Britis h bus ines s men who employ Romanians and have nothing but the utmos t res pec t for their new found labour forc e and I have met Romanian bus ines s men in the UK who are not only job c reators but well res pec ted members of their c ommunity as well. Shouldn't thes e people...
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