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Bec aus e we mis took y ou for a gy ps y rec ommend 0

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Unformatted text preview: s t » gue st-sa llnsm Jan 12th, 00:12 Stay c las s y Alin Ilie, ins ulted bec aus e we 'mis took y ou for a Gy ps y '. Rec ommend 0 Repor t Per malink Reply Dear Brits , Before as k ing why Romanians c ome to work in UK, y ou might ans wer s ome s imple ques tions y ou alway s avoid: "W hy Britons are work ing abroad? W hy are Britons leaving Europe to marry and live in As ia?" 0 Repor t Stay informed today and every day Ge t e -mail n e wsle tte r s Subscribe to T he Economist's free e-mail newsletters and alerts. F o llo w T h e Econ omist o n Twitte r Subscribe to T he Economist's latest article postings on T witter F o llo w T h e Econ omist o n F ace b o o k See a selection of T he Economist's articles, events, topical videos and debates on F acebook. GKore a nu Jan 7th, 04:32 Rec ommend The Ec onomis t ex plains | Ques tions ans wered daily Per malink Reply Advertisement › Be st Online Colle ge s 2013 › T op 10 M BA Colle ge s › High Yie ld Sav ings Account › Be st Sav ings Account Rate s w riting on the w a ll Jan 2nd, 13:41 › T op M utual Funds to Inv e st A c urious dec is ion in 2007 that lead to a c urious c onc lus ion in 2013. › Be st Annuity Funds The 2007 dec is ion: In 2007 Europe opened it's gates to romanians , but not to work ing romanians . Implic itly , two Advertisement c ategories of romanians s tormed the UK at that point in time. The firs t c ategory was the touris ts , who of c ours e had no intention to work in the UK. The s ec ond c ategory was the “s k illed profes s ionals ” that did not need any work permit to ac t on the UK-mark et. Surpris ed by this s tatement? You s houldn't be...I am referring to all the “highly s k illed” beggars , robbers , thiefs , etc . that s aw the opportunity in 2007 to perform the s ame “job” as in Romania, tak ing the s ame ris k s , but mak ing fortunes c ompared to their ac tivity in their home c ountry . Still daz z led? Let me put it another way : what's more appealing? To ris k going to jail in Romania for s tealing a wallet that c ontains 10 RON (les s than 2 Pounds ) or to ris...
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