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My c onc lus ion is that the role of leaders is to

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Unformatted text preview: village in Romania. I have s een firs t hand the range of c irc ums tanc e in s mall and large towns as well as the c ountry s ide in Romania. my c onc lus ion is that the role of leaders is to lead. Ins tead of pandering to the wors t ty pe of nationalis t(borderline rac is ts ) David Cameron s hould be c almly ex plaining to the UK that all the Romanians who want to c ome to the UK are already here. Their c ountry is not s o dire they would c ome here to live on benefits . They s hare the s ame broad Judeo/Chris tian European value s y s tem as we do and integrate quic k ly . W e are luc k y to have bright, energetic , hardwork ing Romanians in the UK. They c am here bec aus e their s y s tem does n't alway s allow the c ream to ris e and there is more nepotis m in Romania than in the UK. I am embarras ed by our Prime Minis ter. He is pandering ins tead of leading and this reflec ts poorly on our c ountry . It is a perfec t ex ample of our failure to lead in Europe. Having c onvinc ed other c ountries of the need to ex pand the European Union eas twards we are retreating into a 'Little Englander' Mentality . W e s hould remember that our birth rate is ins uffic ient to k eep up our population and thank God that people want to c ome and live and work here. They dilute the debt to GDP ratio and bring energy talent and hunger for s uc c es s with them. what more c ould we as k for. Britain's EU polic y under David Cameron is a s hambles dic tated by Cons ervative party management than the national good. It's not good enough. He needs to tell the c ountry s ome home truths . we need their talent and we s hould welc ome them not villify them. Rec ommend 35 Repor t Per malink Reply Ca tIndia n Dec 21s t 2013, 21:22 Firs t of all how c an the writer be s o s ure that, there will not be floods of immigrants c oming into UK from Bulgaria and Romania. Sec ondly if y ou think y our have the talent to mak e it in the UK, the IT guy from Romania s hould migrate to UK. The opinion about y ours...
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