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speech outline revised - Vita Yegorova Accelerated Rhetoric...

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Vita Yegorova October 10, 2007 Accelerated Rhetoric Cutter Wood Speech Outline I. Introduction Have you ever felt a strong connection to a songwriter or even just a song? This feeling is unique and does not happen with each song you hear. (Pause) For me, Bright Eyes is the band who has songs I always find a connection with. Music helps channel emotions and is a healthy way to deal with hardships. II. Background information on the band. A. Bright Eyes is from Omaha, Nebraska. 1. Their sound is unique and their music has transformed over the last ten years. a. The lead vocalist and songwriter, Conor Oberst, has an incredibly eerie voice that captures a wide range of emotions. (Pause) b. He grew up in a very small town, recording music and writing songs in his family's basement. c. Many of his memories, feelings, or wishes are reflected in the lyrics he writes. 2. Conor Oberst reflects on his life, his friends, and his hardships through his music. B. The song "If Winter Ends" is from the album Letting Off the Happiness. 1. This was Bright Eyes' second album that was released in 1998. (Pause) 2. Adults were skeptical of this CD after the release of his first album which was full of strong emotions and topics that they weren't ready to hear about. 3. However, at the same time, teenagers loved his music because they understood what he was going through.
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III. Message of the Song A. The song "If Winter Ends" is a great representation of someone who is bored and sick of their life and the town they live in. (pause) 1. Conor has valid points of what he writes about in this song because he grew up in a town in the middle of nowhere, leading an extremely boring life. 2. The lyrics and specific word choice used in this song show how big of a
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speech outline revised - Vita Yegorova Accelerated Rhetoric...

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