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Unformatted text preview: 4. Figure 3.8. For 10th edition: p.p.99‐103: Examples 3.13. &3.14. Stoichiometrey. Method One (ratio approach): From the equation, the involving species, 2 Al(OH)3 and 6 H2O with coefficients 2 and 6 respectively, tell us that for 2 moles of Al(OH)3 it produces 6 moles of H2O. According to this proportion or ratio, 5.500 mole of Al(OH)3 requires 5.500 x (6/2) = 16.50 moles of H2O. Method Two (road map approach; figure 3.8): Apply the road map or say the dimensional analysis. The road map is grams of substance A moles of substance A moles of substance B grams of substance B. Note: (1) substance A is the one with given (or known) information of mass (or mole); substance B is the one needed to be calculated. (2) grams of substance A molar mass of substance A = moles of substance A. (3) moles of substance A coefficient of substance B coefficient of substance A = moles of substance B. (4) grams of substance B = moles of substance B molar mass of substance B. Since this question sta...
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