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Unformatted text preview: and multiplication/division together, each follows its own rule. Thus, 223.7 + 0.27 = 223.97 from calculator, which must be corrected with theleast decimal points of the components, and thus it is 224.0. So the question turns to 224.0 ÷ 4.21 = 53.20665083 from calculator, which must be corrected with the lease digit of the significant figures of the components, and thus it is 53.2. Since this question only asks how many significant figures in the result, thus from the components, 224.0 and 4.21, we know one has four significant figures and one has three significant figures. Thus the number of significant figures of the result should follow the one with the least significant figures, that is, three significant figures. ‐ 8. How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are there in 72Br ? (a) 35p, 35e, 72n (b) 34p, 35e, 37n (c) 35p, 36e, 72n (d) 36p, 34e, 72n (e) 35p, 36e, 37n Hint: For 11th ed.: p.p. 46‐47, p.p. 50‐51 and p. 71: 2.73 and 2.83. For 9th edition: p. 53; 10th edition: p. 54. Also p....
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