24 in its advertisements exxon mobil attempts to

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Unformatted text preview: r matio n al ap p e als help consumers make purchase decisions by offering factual information that encourages consumers to evaluate the brand favorably on the basis of the key benefits it provides.24 In its advertisements, Exxon Mobil attempts to explain some technical aspects of its products, such as lithium ion batteries, hydrogen technology, biofuels, and CO2 capture technologies, in an attempt to convince consumers that the company is environmentally friendly, efficient, innovative, and responsible.25 T his appeal is well suited to this type of product. By informing consumers about a potential source of its competitive advantage, including tangible features and images of science, the advertising copy directly delivers an informational persuasive message. Emo tio n al Ap p e als An e mo tio n al ap p e al aims to satisfy consumers' emotional desires rather than their utilitarian needs. T hese appeals therefore focus on feelings about the self.26 T he key to a successful emotional appeal is the use of emotion to create a bond between the consumer and the brand. T he emotions most often invoked in advertising include fear, safety, humor, happiness, love (or sex), comfort, and nostalgia. Although the term “emotion” often conveys the image of tears, many other effective appeals are used in advertising. People need a sense of self-esteem, so advertisements for Bowflex and Jenny Craig tend to feature celebrities or regular people talking about how much better they feel about themselves after they've joined the program and lost weight. Weight loss ads also tend to play a bit on consumers' fears, showing “before and after” pictures as if the heavier version were a horror to behold. T oday political candidates use fear appeals for issues as mundane as garbage removal and as serious as sexual predators. Clearly, fear appeals often work best when the threat appears to be directed toward children or some other innocent victim. But emotional appeals are not just scary. T o market its F usion Razor, Gillette features Roger F ederer and Derek Jeter acting like 197...
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