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Unformatted text preview: ess or telephone number to enable the target audience to answer different calls to action. F or the Buenos Aires Zoo, though, this ad delivers all the necessary elements: a compelling visual, a call to action, and the advertiser's identification. 33. ht t p: / / ads oft heworld. c om/ media/ print / buenos _aires _z oo_ape, ac c es s ed Augus t 23, 2010. 2011 McGraw-Hill Higher Education Any us e is s ubject to the Term s of Us e and Privacy Notice. McGraw-Hill Higher Education is one of the m any fine bus ines s es of The McGraw-Hill Com panies . connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs 2/3 9/15/13 connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook 3/3 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook M arke ting EBook 3 /e Content Chapte r18: Adv e rtising, Public Re lations, and Sale s Prom otions Step 7. Assess Im pact Using Marketing Metrics T he effectiveness of an advertising campaign must be assessed before, during, and after the campaign has run. Pr e te stin g refers to assessments performed before an ad campaign is implemented to ensure that the various elements are working in an integrated fashion and doing what they are intended to do.34 Tr ackin g includes monitoring key indicators, such as daily or weekly sales volume, while the advertisement is running to shed light on any problems with the message or the medium. Po stte stin g is the evaluation of the campaign's impact after it has been implemented. At this last stage, advertisers assess the sales and/or communication impact of the advertisement or campaign. Sales volume is a good indic ator of advertis ing effec tivenes s for frequently purc has ed c ons umer goods in the maturity s tage of the produc t life c yc le, s uc h as Red Bull energy drink . Measuring sales impact can be especially challenging because of the many influences other than advertising on consumers' choices, purchase behavior, and attitudes. T hese influences include the level of competitors' advertising, economic conditions...
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