A specific category of institutional advertising is p

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Unformatted text preview: c ons umption b y appealing to c ons umers ' needs to affiliate with milk -mus tac hed c eleb rities lik e Reb ec c a Romijn and her two b ab ies . A specific category of institutional advertising is p u b lic se r v ice ad v e r tisin g (PSA). PSA focuses on public welfare and generally is sponsored by nonprofit institutions, civic groups, religious organizations, trade associations, or political groups.16 Like product and institutionally focused advertising, PSAs also inform, persuade, or remind consumers, but the focus is on the betterment of society. As such, PSAs represent a form of so cial mar ke tin g , which is the application of marketing principles to a social issue to bring about attitudinal and behavioral change among the general public or a specific population segment. p. 541 T he “Got Milk” campaign is an institutional ad that is ostensibly a PSA designed to stimulate the connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs 6/9 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook demand for milk because it is touted to be a healthy food. Another recent PSA campaign is a program sponsored by teen retailer Aeropostale, teen not-for-profit DoSomething.org, and stars Chance Crowford (Gossip Girl). It is designed to raise awareness of the growing number of homeless teens in the United States and Canada by encouraging people to collect and donate jeans to homeless youth.17 PSAs can also be targeted to decrease consumption. F or instance, the “Indoor T anning Is Out” campaign is designed to raise awareness of the increased risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, and decrease usage of tanning salons.18 Other PSAs have been running for years and have created their own pop culture standards, like Smokey the Bear (wildfire prevention), McGruff the Crime Dog (crime prevention), and Rosie the Riveter (women going to work during World War II).19 Because PSAs are a special class of advertising, under F ederal Communications Commission (F CC) rules, broadcasters must devote a specific amount of free airtime to...
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