As we discussed in chapter 17 each medium also varies

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Unformatted text preview: ecide what to purchase either on the way to the store or while in the store. Because many people listen to the radio in their cars, it becomes a highly effective means to reach consumers at a crucial point in their decision process. As we discussed in Chapter 17, each medium also varies in its reach and frequency. Advertisers can determine how effective their media mix has been in reaching their target audience by calculating the total GRP (reach X frequency) of the advertising schedule, which we discuss next. Determining the Advertising Schedule Another important decision for the media planner is the ad v e r tisin g sch e d u le , which specifies the timing and duration of advertising. T here are three types of schedules:32 A co n tin u o u s sch e d u le runs steadily throughout the year and therefore is suited to products and services that are consumed continually at relatively steady rates and that require a steady level of persuasive and/or reminder advertising. F or example, Procter & Gamble advertises its T ide brand of laundry detergent continuously. p. 547 F lig h tin g refers to an advertising schedule implemented in spurts, with periods of heavy advertising followed by periods of no advertising. T his pattern generally functions for products whose demand fluctuates, such as suntan lotion, which manufacturers may advertise heavily in the months leading up to and during the summer. Pu lsin g combines the continuous and flighting schedules by maintaining a base level of advertising but increasing advertising intensity during certain periods. F or example, the furniture retailer IKEA advertises throughout the year but boosts its advertising expenditures to promote school supplies in connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 3/4 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook August. 29. ht t p: / / wps . prenhall. c om/ c a_ph_ebert _bus es s _3/ 0, 6518, 224378–, 00. ht ml, ac c es s ed Augus t 23, 2010. 30. ht t p: / / www. adweek . c om/ aw/ c ont ent _dis play / news / digit al/ e3i87c 96b4228796e1d5aa19258f0fb5703 (ac c es s ed April 7, 201...
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