Crew stores and on its website52 t he goal of any

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Unformatted text preview: r to reach a specific target market. T o achieve a successful cross-promotion, the two products must appeal to the same target market and together create value for consumers. J. Crew has teamed up with several famous brands, including Belstaff, Levi's Barbour, T imex, and Sperry T op-Sider to offer exclusive products in the J. Crew stores and on its website.52 T he goal of any sales promotion is to create value for both the consumers and the firm. By understanding the needs of its customers, as well as how best to entice them to purchase or consume a particular product or service, a firm can develop promotional messages and events that are of interest to and achieve the desired response from those customers. T raditionally, the role of sales promotion has been to generate short-term results, whereas the goal of advertising was to generate long-term results. As this chapter demonstrates, though, both sales promotion and advertising can generate both long- and short-term effects. T he effective combination of both types of activities leads to impressive results for the firm and the consumers. p. 557 connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 7/10 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook J .Crew has teamed up with Sperry Top-Sider to c ros s -promote and s ell exc lus ive Top-Siders on J .Crew's web s ite. Evaluating Sales Promotions Using Marketing Metrics Many sales promotion opportunities undertaken by retailers are initiated by manufacturers. F or example, Sharp might offer the following special promotion to Costco: During a one-week period, Costco can order 46-inch Sharp Aquos LCD HDT Vs at $300 below the standard wholesale price. However, if Costco elects to buy these HDT Vs at the discounted price, then it must feature them prominently on its Web page for $1199.00 ($350 below the suggested retail price). In addition, Costco must agree to purchase enough of this particular model to have front-of-store displays in each of its stores. Before Costco decide...
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