F acebook not only assures its individual users that

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Unformatted text preview: book, measured in number of fans, include President Barack Obama's and actor Vin Diesel's.56 SITES ADVERTISING THEIR SERVICES In this area, the advertising tends to be rather untraditional; social networking sites appear to have little use for print, television, or radio and instead rely on advertising within their own sites to spark interest. F acebook not only assures its individual users that it provides a way for them to “connect … with the people around you” but also promises advertisers that they can “reach the exact audience [they] want.”57 T hus, F acebook tries to appeal to two different audiences: the users and the advertisers who remain so interested in those users. OUTSIDE COMPANIES ADVERTISING ON SITES Social networks are so popular that marketers yearn for more ways to capitalize quickly on the markets associated with them. Newspapers, television spots, and other traditional advertising media continue to lose ground as consumers spend more time on blogs and online. Companies can use display advertising with “F acebook Ads,” where specific groups of people are targeted based on their profile information, their browsing history, and other factors related to their preferences. If online users on F acebook reveal an interest in ski equipment or Burton snowboards, marketers can target both groups on the basis of these interests.58 Companies can also join F acebook by having a F acebook profile page which attracts “fans.” T his free exposure allows the company to post content and information regarding products, events, news, promotions, and so forth, that they want to tell to their customers. Only the fans of their page will have access to this information, allowing the company to specifically target those F acebook users that opt in to be a fan of the company. T he successful companies on F acebook interact with their customers regularly. Some companies even conduct contests using a social network to encourage more people to spread the word. p. 562 In 2008, Burger King created the controversial “Whopper Virgins” campaign, offer...
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