Gillette never mentions the product attributes but

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Unformatted text preview: 0s disco fanatics, copying the famous Saturday Night F ever walk to the Bee Gees' “Stayin' Alive.” T he athletes exude confidence as they admire their clean-shaven faces in a storefront's glass while strutting by. Gillette never mentions the product attributes but connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 3/5 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook rather focuses on the confidence that results from using their product.27 Similarly, another common appeal is sex and love.28 p. 544 Chevrolet is providing information to pros pec tive c us tomers b y favorab ly c omparing its Equinox FW D to the Toyota Rav4 4X2. 20. W orld Healt h Organiz at ion, ht t p: / / www. wpro. who. int / media_c ent re/ fac t _s heet s / fs _20020528. ht m (ac c es s ed May 1, 2010). 21. Legac y webs it e, ht t p: / / www. legac y forhealt h. org/ PDF/ t rut h_Fac t _Sheet . pdf (ac c es s ed May 1, 2010). 22. Alina Tugend, “Cigaret t e Mak ers Tak e Ant i-Smok ing Ads Pers onally , ” The New York Times , Oc t ober 27, 2002, Bus ines s s ec tion. 23. Theodore Leavit t , The Mark et ing I maginat ion (New York : The Free Pres s , 1986). 24. Belc h and Belc h, Advert is ing and Promot ion: An I nt egrat ed Mark et ing Communic at ions Pers pec t ive. 25. Ex x on Mobil, ht t p: / / www. ex x onmobil. c om/ c orporat e/ news _ad_c orpus _c lean. as px (ac c es s ed Marc h 14, 2010). 26. Kat herine W hit e and John Peloz a, “Self-Benefit vers us Ot her-Benefit Mark et ing Appeals : Their Effec tivenes s in Generating Charitable Support,” J ournal of Mark eting 73 (July 2009), pp. 109–24. 27. Karl Greenberg, “Gillet t e Is ‘St ay in’ Alive' wit h Viral Effort , ” Mark et ing Daily, April 27, 2009. 28. Darren W . Dahl, Jaideep Sengupt a, and Kat hleen D. Vohs , “Sex in Advert is ing: Gender Differenc es and t he Role of Relations hip Commitment,” J ournal of Cons umer Res earc h 36, no. 2 (2009), pp. 215–31; Jaideep Sengupta and Darren W . Dahl, “Gender-...
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