In this context advertisers must remember that

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Unformatted text preview: deciding on the advertising message is to tout the key benefits of the product or service. T he message should communicate its problem solving ability clearly and in a compelling fashion. In this context, advertisers must remember that products and services solve problems, whether real or perceived. T hat is, people are not looking for 1/4-inch drill bits; they are looking for 1/4-inch holes.23 Because there are many ways to make a 1/4-inch hole, a firm like Black & Decker must convey to consumers that its drill bit is the best way to get that hole. p. 543 Another common strategy differentiates a product by establishing its unique benefits. T his distinction forms the basis for the u n iq u e se llin g p r o p o sitio n (USP), which is often the common theme or slogan in an advertising campaign. A good USP communicates the unique attributes of the product and thereby becomes a snapshot of the entire campaign. Some of the most famous USPs include the following: Red Bull…Gives You Wings United Negro College F und…A mind is a terrible thing to waste. connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 2/5 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook Nike…Just Do It. State F arm Insurance…Like a good neighbor, State F arm is there T NT …We know drama T he selling proposition communicated by the advertising must be not only unique to the brand but also meaningful to the consumer. It furthermore must be sustainable over time, even with repetition. The Appeal Describe the different ways that advertisers appeal to consumers. According to early theories of rhetoric (the study of the principles and rules of composition), there are three main types of appeals that an argument may use: logos (logical), ethos (ethical), and pathos (emotional). Advertisers similarly use different appeals to portray their product or service and persuade consumers to purchase them, though advertising tends to combine the types of appeals into two categories: informational and emotional. In fo r matio n al Ap p e als In fo...
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