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Unformatted text preview: ) markets. Personal selling, as we discuss in Chapter 19, likely is more important in B2B markets. 2011 McGraw-Hill Higher Education Any us e is s ubject to the Term s of Us e and Privacy Notice. McGraw-Hill Higher Education is one of the m any fine bus ines s es of The McGraw-Hill Com panies . connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 1/1 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook M arke ting EBook 3 /e Content Chapte r18: Adv e rtising, Public Re lations, and Sale s Prom otions Step 4. Convey the Message In this step, marketers determine what they want to convey about the product or service. F irst, the firm determines the key message it wants to communicate to the target audience. Second, the firm decides what appeal would most effectively convey the message. We present these decisions sequentially, but in reality they must be considered simultaneously. p. 542 Eth ical an d So cie tal Dile mma 18.1 Ge ttin g to th e Tr u th Smoking is the single biggest preventable cause of death in the world; someone dies from tobacco use every eight seconds.20 Smoking causes cancers of the lung, throat, and mouth; it also leads to high blood pressure, heart problems, and lung diseases other than cancer. Yet, in the world, one in five teens between the ages of 13 and 15 smokes, and many of those smokers will reach for their cigarettes for another 15 to 20 years. What can marketers do to help people avoid or quit this hazardous habit? As part of the historic tobacco settlement between various states attorneys general and the tobacco industry, T he American Legacy F oundation donates $300 million each year to educate the public about the dangers of smoking. T he F oundation uses this money to fund the truth® campaign, the largest national young anti-smoking campaign and the only campaign not controlled by the tobacco industry. T he campaign's goal is to tell the truth about the tobacco industry, including health effects, marketing strategies, and manufacturing practices.21 F o...
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