T hink about jewelry research shows that in a typical

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Unformatted text preview: s research, firms must keep in mind that their target audience may or may not be the same as current users of the product. T hink about jewelry. Research shows that in a typical year, some 43 percent of the U.S. adult population—more than 85 million people—purchase jewelry. Although women have a significantly higher purchase incidence (48 percent) than men (36 percent), men spend approximately twice as much on their jewelry purchases than do women. Perhaps it is no surprise that the majority of men's jewelry purchases are gifts for women.10 So what do these pieces of information tell advertisers? Essentially, if they want to sell jewelry, they need to appeal to either women who will purchase for themselves or men who will purchase for the women in their lives. Some advertising messages also may be directed at portions of audiences who have not been a traditional part of the marketer's target market but who do have a say in the purchase process. Adding Value 18.1 illustrates Grape Nuts' pursuit of male consumers in particular. connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs 1/2 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook W ho is the target audienc e for this ad, men or women? 10. “Jewelry and W at c h Report ” (St evens , PA: Unit y Mark et ing, Sept ember 2007). 2011 McGraw-Hill Higher Education Any us e is s ubject to the Term s of Us e and Privacy Notice. McGraw-Hill Higher Education is one of the m any fine bus ines s es of The McGraw-Hill Com panies . connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs 2/2 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook M arke ting EBook 3 /e Content Chapte r18: Adv e rtising, Public Re lations, and Sale s Prom otions Step 2. Set Advertising Objectives Advertising campaign objectives are derived from the overall objectives of the marketing program and clarify the specific goals that the ads are designed to accomplish. Generally, these objectives appear in the ad v e r tisin g p lan , a subsection of the firm's overall marketing plan that explicitly analyzes the marketing and advertising situation, identifies the objectives of the advertising campaign, clarifies a specific s...
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