We conclude our discussion of advertising with

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Unformatted text preview: vehicles discussed in Chapter 17. We conclude our discussion of advertising with regulatory and ethical issues in advertising, then move on to examine public relations and sales promotions and their use. p. 537 Designing and carrying out a successful advertising program requires much planning and effort. Exhibit 18.1 shows the key steps in the process, each of which helps ensure that the intended message reaches the right audience and has the desired effect. Now let's examine each of these steps. EXHIBIT 18.1 Ste p s in Plan n in g an d Exe cu tin g an Ad Camp aig n 1. Brit t any Hit e, “Dec iding t o Dit c h a Suc c es s ful Ad Campaign, ” The W all St reet J ournal, February 23, 2009; http://www.eharmony .c om/blog/2009/11/30/eharmony -launc hes -new-web-c hat-advertis ing-c ampaign/ (ac c es s ed April 6, 2010). 2. Mic helle Jeffers , “Behind Dove's ‘Real Beaut y , ’” Adweek , Sept ember 12, 2005, http://www.allbus ines s .c om/mark eting-advertis ing/4211506-1.html (ac c es s ed Marc h 11, 2010). 3. Dove, ht t p: / / dove. us / menc are/ (ac c es s ed Marc h 11, 2010). connect.mcg r aw- hill.com/connect/hmEBook.do?setTab= sectionTabs 3/4 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook 4. Elaine W ong, “Dove's SB Play Builds Buz z among Men, ” Brandweek , February 9, 2010. 5. Kellogg Sc hool of Management , “Kellogg Super Bowl Advert is ing Review 2010 Res ult s , ” http://k elloggs uperbowlreview.wordpres s .c om/tag/dove/ (ac c es s ed Marc h 11, 2010). 6. George E. Belc h and Mic hael A. Belc h, Advert is ing and Promot ion: An I nt egrat ed Mark et ing Communic ations Pers pec tive (New York : Mc Graw-Hill, 2007); Jef I. Ric hards and Catherine M. Curran, “Orac les on ‘Advertis ing’: Searc hing for a Definition,” J ournal of Advertis ing 31, no. 2 (Summer 2002), pp. 63– 77. 7. “Global Advert is ing Downt urn Slows Des pit e Dis appoint ing Q1, ” http://www.z enithoptimedia.c om/gff/pdf/Ads pend% 20forec as ts % 20July % 202009.pdf (ac c es s ed Marc h 11, 2010). 8. Dan Zigmond, Sundar Dorai-Raj, Yannet Int erian, and Igor Naverniouk , “Meas uring Advert is ing Qualit y on Televis ion: Deriving Meaningful Metric s...
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