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Unformatted text preview: Related Reac tions to Gratuitous Sex Appeals in Advertis ing,” J ournal of Cons umer Ps yc hology 18, no. 1 (2008), pp. 62–78. 2011 McGraw-Hill Higher Education Any us e is s ubject to the Term s of Us e and Privacy Notice. connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 4/5 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook McGraw-Hill Higher Education is one of the m any fine bus ines s es of The McGraw-Hill Com panies . connect.mcg r aw- sectionTabs 5/5 9/15/13 M cGr aw- Hill Connect - Ebook M arke ting EBook 3 /e Content Chapte r18: Adv e rtising, Public Re lations, and Sale s Prom otions Step 5. Evaluate and Select Media T he content of an advertisement is tied closely to the characteristics of the media that firms select to carry the message, and vice versa. M e d ia p lan n in g refers to the process of evaluating and selecting the me d ia mix—the combination of the media used and the frequency of advertising in each medium—that will deliver a clear, consistent, compelling message to the intended audience.29 F or example, Macy's may determine that a heavy dose of television, radio, print, and billboards is appropriate for the holiday selling season between T hanksgiving and the end of the year. Because the me d ia b u y, the actual purchase of airtime or print pages, is generally the largest expense in the advertising budget, marketers must make their decisions carefully. T elevision advertising is by far the most expensive. T otal U.S. advertising expenditures per medium have remained roughly constant for some time, though some shifts are currently taking place. F or example, whereas television advertising is consistent at approximately 44 percent, digital advertising is now 17 percent. Spanish-language media also are growing by more than 14 percent per year, whereas newspaper advertising is losing almost an entire percentage point.30 T o characterize these various types of media, we use a dichotomy: mass and niche media. p. 545 connect.mcg r aw-
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