How might this affect your employees relationship

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Unformatted text preview: hat do you employees need for their development and the development of the organization? How might THIS affect your employees’ relationship with your customers? What might suppliers, customers, or partners need to know about THIS intervention or program? How does THIS intervention/ program align with the strategic needs of the business? Should organizational resources be devoted to THIS intervention or program? 3­12 Questions to Ask in an Questions Organizational Analysis (2 of 3) (2 What do you need from managers and peers for THIS intervention or training to succeed? What features of the work environment might interfere with THIS intervention or training? Do you have experts who can help you develop the program content and ensure that you understand the needs of the business? 3­13 Questions to Ask in an Questions Organizational Analysis (3 of 3) (3 Will employees perceive the training program as: – an opportunity? – reward? – punishment? – waste of time? 3­14...
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