Of training needs good at uncovering causes and

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Unformatted text preview: advantages Interviews Good at uncovering details of training needs Good at uncovering causes and solutions of problems Can explore unanticipated issues that come up Questions can be modified Time consuming Difficult to analyze Needs skilled interviewer Can be threatening to SMEs Difficult to schedule SMEs only provide information they think you want to hear Focus Groups Useful with complex or controversial issues that one person may be unable or unwilling to explore Questions can be modified to explore unanticipated issues Time consuming to organize Group members provide information they think you want to hear Status or position differences may limit participation 3­8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Advantages Needs Assessment Techniques (3 of 3) (3 Technique Documentation (Technical Manuals and Records) Advantages Good source of information on procedure Objective Good source of task information for new jobs and jobs in the process of being created Disadvantages You may not be able to understand technical language Materials may be obsolete 3­9 The Needs Analysis Process Person Characteristics • Input • Output...
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