This 11 organization summary what is the industry

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Unformatted text preview: pany organization facts organization History of the History organization organization Key people Customers Competitors Culture Recent events Major challenges / Major problems organization is facing is Plans for the future Other areas of interest Hoover’s On-Line: 12 Gathering Data Approaches Advantages Disadvantages Variety Of Questionnaires Questions/Purposes Can Be Anonymous Allow Time To Think Many Respondents/Save Time Best For Sensitive Questions Can Be Mailed Same Questions For All Easy To Analyze Simultaneous Administration Written Response Hard For Some Rate Of Return Anonymity Problems Misinterpretation Hard To Catch/Correct Use With Use Non-Literate Or NonNative Speakers Clarify Questions Richer Data Consuming Expensive Interviewer Easily Biases Respondent Recruit / Train Interviewers Intrusive Time Credibility Observations (neutral observers) Alternative Viewpoint From Alternative Participant Report Participant Avoid Extra Demands On Existing Existing Records Records Respondents Time Flexible Interviews Not Flexible/Limited Response...
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