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Unformatted text preview: Current Scape – Journey Directed If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, If Be Sure You’re Having A Wonderful Time Along The Way. Along Objectives In Career Development: Identify And Take Advantage Of Opportunities Identify In Areas Of Genuine Interest In Allow Your Career To Evolve Over Time Allow Through A Succession Of (sometimes related, sometimes unrelated) Activities And Learning Experiences Experiences 8 Current Scape – Journey Directed Implications of the Approach: More emphasis on the journey than the More destination destination Act; Decide, as you go. Guide yourself through Act; your decisions using your intelligence, intuition, values, and experience. intuition, Career is an adventure. It will evolve as you Career move through your work and life experiences. move Career is more spontaneous, less planned. Long-term destination is unclear; Long-term Consequently, more present-based Consequently, 9 Current Scape – Journey Directed Process of Career Development: Take stock Take action in an area of interest or potential Take interest interest Take advantage of opportunities for learning Take and growth and Don’t discount chance Graphically, Imagine A Spiral, As It Broadens And Narrows As It Moves And Grows 10 Paradigm Shift Goal Directed Journey Directed Old economy Hand powered Facts, details Hard influence Hard (money, fear, gain) (money, “My best” interest Local Growing from control Created Plan, Do, Check, Act Win-lose Leade...
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