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Youll objectives in career development define and

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Unformatted text preview: you’ll Objectives in career development: Define and achieve career goals Design a clear “road map” for reaching goals: Design “I am at point A. I want to be at point B. What steps do I need to take in what order and in what time frame to get there?” what 5 Past Scape – Goal Directed Implications of the Approach: Logical, rational approach to life and career Future-directed: long-term destination should Future-directed: be clear be Career should be A planned activity. The more Career IN CHARGE of it, IN CONTROL of it you are, IN IN the more successful you will be the Goals should be SMART: specific, Goals measurable, achievable, relevant/realistic, and time-framed. time-framed. 6 Past Scape – Goal Directed Process of Career Development: Take stock. Do research to identify career goals Define goals clearly Break down long-term goals into short-term Break objectives objectives Begin work on short term objectives, taking a Begin step-by-step approach to long term goals. step-by-step Graphically, Think Of A Road Map With Clear Signs, Milestones, And Destinations. 7...
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