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Study Guide for SOC 247 - SOCIOLOGY 247: American Society...

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SOCIOLOGY 247: American Society and Pop Culture Study Guide Our midterm for American Society and Pop Culture is Wednesday, February 27 th . The midterm will contest of some identification, as well as an essay. Pleae review not only this composition of notes, but also your own notes, discussion notes, and readings in order to get a full understanding of the course material thus far. Thank you all very much for helping us to compile this document, and good luck on your midterm!!! Lecture #1, January 16 Lecture #2, January 23 · Culture- Characteristics of discernment and learning o "Cultivating" Not something dumb, Manet paintings but not ads on the street o Cults- Occult, root words, convey message of having a following. · A culture is the sum total of the folkways of a mass of people · Not just the best, but can also mean everything in society · Populous- Many people, the populace, the people of a society · Culturally is socially distributed o Different classes of people experience different parts of culture in different ways · People form ranked prejudices on who should be doing what based on their respective backgrounds and occupations o Should your plumber read Shakespeare? · All Communication involves media. · Media serves three purposes of a message o The Vessel- Simply delivers the message o The Crucible- Shape the message in some way o Process- The media takes part in the event. Lecture #3, January 28 Part One: Introduction and Historical Perspectives Week 2: High and Low Culture The Media can be a crucible. System of Distribution Attributes of communication media: · Fixation – different media allows for different degrees of fixation with varying degrees of durability.
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· Reproduction · Spatial Distanciation – how far can media be carried? · Temporal Distanciation - how long is the media going to last? Return backs to the notion of durability. Any process of symbolic exchange typically involves the removal. All culture is distances specially and temporally. 3 Moments: 1. moment is produced 2. moment it is transported 3. moment it is consumed. · Media entails different skills, competitors and knowledge. There is some media that all people know how to use. There is some media that you must be educated to use. Consider the Mona Lisa à most striking thing about the Mona Lisa is it’s small size. Culture in the contemporary period is commodity – it can be bought and sold. Valorization: · How much we esteem it? Do we value the arts? · Most things in our market are subject to the constraints of our market system à it is either a hit or a sell. · Popular Culture is commodified in the sense that it can be bought or sold in a market. Distorted Process are involved in the market.
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Study Guide for SOC 247 - SOCIOLOGY 247: American Society...

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